NSR & BCG Innovation Conference: 5G and Beyond. Cloud. Convergence.

Virtual Conference, Small Group Meetings, and Cocktail Hour

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Join us on Monday, November 14th for the fourth edition of NSR & BCG Innovation Conference: 5G and Beyond. Cloud. Convergence.





Monday, November 14, 2022

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Conference Agenda-All Times EST

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8:30-8:45Opening Remarks - Jonathan Chaplin, New Street Research and Heinz Bernold, BCG
08:45-9:15"Open RAN, V-RAN, and mmWave Strategies" - Woojune Kim, EVP & Head of Global Sales & Marketing, Network Business, Samsung Electronics“What Does Technology Convergence Mean for an Integrated Operator” - Walter Goldenits, CTO Germany, Deutsche Telekom"Spectrum Policy at a Crossroads: A View from the FCC " - Nathan Simington, Commissioner, FCC"The Race for Space: Leading The Way to Direct-to-Device" - Jay Monroe, Chairman, Globalstar
9:20 - 9:50"What is the Role for Alternative RAN providers?" - Eric Stonestrom, CEO, Airspan"How Does Fixed and Mobile Infrastructure Need to Evolve to Meet Future Demands" - Howard Watson, Chief Security and Networks Officer, British Telecom"Innovators & Disruptors: Fiber over The Air" - Chet Kanojia, CEO, Starry"Enterprise 5G & Cloud in an EM Context" - Tanapong Ittiakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, AIS
9:55-10:25"The Next Leg of the 5G Cycle" - Peter Linder, Head of 5G Marketing, Ericsson"Behind Every Good 5G Network Is a World Class Fiber Network" - John Harrobin, EVP Consumer, Frontier "Towards the Augmented TowerCo" - Oscar Pallarols, Chief Commercial Officer, Cellnex"5G Network, Cloud and Convergence with KPN" - Babak Fouladi, Head CTO, KPN
10:30-11:10"Creating The Enterprise Mobile Opportunity" - Sampath Sowmyanarayan, Executive Vice President and CEO, Verizon Business
11:15-11:45"Life After a Turnaround?" - Mark Atkinson, Head of RAN products, Nokia"3 Telco Challenges We Need to Fix (Before We Can Get to the Really Good Stuff)" - Chris Wright, SVP and CTO, Red Hat"The Race for Space: Closing the Link to the Unserved Globally" - Charles Miller, CEO, Lynk "Network of the Future, Mobile Cloud and Convergence at LG" - Madalina Suceveanu, Managing Director, Mobile & Cloud Technology, Liberty Global
11:50-12:20"Reinventing Communications, Together" - Sameer Vuyyuru, Head of Worldwide Telecommunications Business Development, AWS "Innovators & Disruptors: Shifting Power Back to Mobile Consumers" - Peter Adderton, Director of Boost Mobile, MobileX "mmWave Silicon Innovation" - Anders Storm, CEO, Sivers Semiconductors"The Transformative Impact of the Metaverse" - Tibor Merey, Managing Director & Partner and Rony Abovitz, Senior Advisor, BCG
12:25-13:05"Winning the Battle and The War: What Comes Next For the Uncarrier" - Neville Ray, President of Technology, T-Mobile
13:10-13:40"Next-generation Telecom & Cloud Silicon" - Nick McKeown, SVP/GM and Senior Fellow, Network and Edge Group, Nick McKeown, SVP/GM and Senior Fellow, Network and Edge Group, Intel"The Race for Space: Everything Still Comes Down to Spectrum" - Doug Smith, CEO, Ligado"The Metaverse Is Not a Hype" - Cathy Hackl, Metaverse / Web 3 Strategist and Tech Futurist
13:45-14:15"Secular Growth in Mobile Radio Content" - Carlos Bori, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Skyworks"X Marks the Spot - A Growth Engine for 5G B2B" - Marc Overton, Managing Director, BT Division X "China Telecom: Riding the Enterprise S-Curve; Cloud, DC, 5G" - Nick Fung Yuk Hon, Investor Relations, China Telecom
14:20-15:00"5G in Action" - Igal Elbaz, SVP, Network CTO, AT&T
15:05-15:35"Open RAN and V-RAN Momentum" - Bejoy Pankajakshan, EVP, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, MavenirSpectrum Policy at a Crossroads: A View from the NTIA" - Scott Blake Harris, Senior Spectrum Advisor,NTIA"InfraTech: The Orchestration Layer" - Alexandre Villela, SVP, Head of Ventures, Digital Bridge and Rajeev Shah, Founder and CEO of Celona"Alternate Perspectives on the Metaverse" - Bruce Dines, Senior Partner, Liberty Global Ventures
15:40-16:10"Future of Mobile Networks and Cloud Computing" - Shawn Hakl, VP of 5G Strategy, Microsoft"Enabling the Metaverse with 5G" - Manish Tripathi, Vice President of Corporate Engineering,Qualcomm"Innovators & Disruptors: Creating Enterprise Demand" - Jim Brisimitzis, Founder, 5G Open Innovation Panel; Sandeep Pandya, CEO Everguard; Michael Anderson, CEO, Expeto"The Metaverse is Now" - Artur Sychov, CEO and Founder, Somnium Space
16:15-16:55"Taking the Next Step - Conquering Brownfield" - Tareq Amin, CEO, Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Symphony
17:00-17:40"The Ultimate Disruptor" - Charlie Ergen, Chairman, Dish
17:45-17:50Closing Remarks - Pierre Ferragu, New Street Research and Heinz Bernold, BCG
17:55-19:30Cocktail Party at the BCG Hudson Yards campus in office in Manhattan. Please register below to attend.


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Photo of Charlie Ergen
Charlie Ergen
Co-Founder and Chairman
Photo of Sameer Vuyyuru
Sameer Vuyyuru
Head of Worldwide Telecommunications Business Development
Photo of Shawn Hakl
Shawn Hakl
VP of 5G Strategy
Photo of Tareq Amin
Tareq Amin
Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Symphony
Photo of Sowmyanarayan Sampath (Sampath)
Sowmyanarayan Sampath (Sampath)
Verizon Business
Executive Vice President and CEO
Photo of Neville Ray
Neville Ray
President of Technology
Photo of Chris Wright
Chris Wright
Red Hat
Photo of Nick McKeown
Nick McKeown
SVP/GM and Senior Fellow, Network and Edge Group
Photo of Madalina Suceveanu
Madalina Suceveanu
Liberty Global
Managing Director, Mobile & Cloud Technology
Photo of Howard Watson
Howard Watson
British Telecom
Chief Security and Networks Officer (CSNO)
Photo of Eric Stonestrom
Eric Stonestrom
Photo of Carlos Bori
Carlos Bori
SVP of Sales and Marketing
Photo of Peter Linder
Peter Linder
Head of 5G Marketing
Photo of Jim Brisimitzis
Jim Brisimitzis
5G Open Innovation Lab Panel
Founder and General Partner
Photo of Peter Adderton
Peter Adderton
Director of Boost Mobile
Photo of John Harrobin
John Harrobin
EVP Consumer
Photo of Chet Kanojia
Chet Kanojia
Photo of Igal Elbaz
Igal Elbaz
SVP, Network CTO
Photo of Nick Fung Yuk Hon
Nick Fung Yuk Hon
China Telecom
Investor Relations
Photo of Babak Fouladi
Babak Fouladi
Head CTO
Photo of Bejoy Pankajakshan
Bejoy Pankajakshan
EVP, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer
Photo of Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson
Head of RAN products
Photo of Nathan Simington
Nathan Simington
Federal Communications Commission
Photo of Woojune Kim
Woojune Kim
EVP & Head of Global Sales & Marketing, Network Business
Photo of Charles Miller
Charles Miller
Photo of Anders Storm
Anders Storm
Sivers Semiconductors
Photo of Marc Overton
Marc Overton
BT Division X
Managing Director
Photo of Jay Monroe
Jay Monroe
Photo of Oscar Pallarols
Oscar Pallarols
Chief Commercial Officer
Photo of Artur Sychov
Artur Sychov
Somnium Space
Founder & CEO
Photo of Cathy Hackl
Cathy Hackl
Cathy Hackl, Metaverse / Web 3 strategist and tech futurist
Photo of Walter Goldenits
Walter Goldenits
Deutsche Telekom
CTO Germany
Photo of Scott Blake Harris
Scott Blake Harris
Senior Spectrum Advisor, Office of the Assistant Secretary
Photo of Tanapong Ittiakulchai
Tanapong Ittiakulchai
Chief Enterprise Business Officer
Photo of Tibor Merey
Tibor Merey
Boston Consulting Group
Managing Director & Partner
Photo of Rony Abovitz
Rony Abovitz
Boston Consulting Group
Senior Advisor
Photo of Bruce Dines
Bruce Dines
Liberty Global Ventures
Photo of Manish Tripathi
Manish Tripathi
VP of Corporate Engineering
Photo of Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson
Photo of Sandeep Pandya
Sandeep Pandya

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