Semiconductor Big Ideas Conference

We are very pleased to announce the inaugural Semiconductor “Big Ideas” conference, organized jointly by New Street ResearchBoston Consulting Group, and Applied Materials.

The full-day virtual event will feature a unique group of speakers from across the technology value chain who will share their perspective on the future of the semiconductor industry.

September 9th, 2021

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10:00-10:15Pierre Ferragu, New Street Research / Ramiro Palma, BCGIntro
10:15-11:00Gary Dickerson, CEO, Applied MaterialsFrom Materials to Systems - The PPACt Playbook
11:00-11:45Dr. Mark D. Hill, Microsoft Azure & U. WisconsinIn Computer Architecture, We Don’t Change the Questions, We Change the Answers
11:45-12:30Peter Chapman, CEO, IonQThe Roadmap towards Quantum Computing at Scale
12:30-13:15Dr. Cliff Young, Software Engineer, Google Co-design from semiconductors to A.I.
13:15-14:00Dr. Bryan Catanzaro, VP Applied Deep Learning, NvidiaScaling out of Giant A.I. Models - A Chip to System Approach
14:00-14:45Andrew Feldman, CEO, CerebrasDeep Dive into the Industry's Largest A.I. Accelerator Chip
14:45-15:30Gregg Lowe, CEO, Cree/WolfspeedThe Power Semiconductor Revolution
15:30-16:15Durga Malladi, SVP & GM 5G, Qualcomm5G Evolution in Networks and Devices
16:15-16:30Pierre Ferragu, New Street Research / Ramiro Palma, BCGClosing Remarks

all times EDT


Photo of Rony Abovitz
Rony Abovitz
Serial Entrepreneur, spatial computing expert, founder Magic Leap
Photo of Dr. Bryan Catanzaro
Dr. Bryan Catanzaro
VP Applied Deep Learning
Photo of Gary Dickerson
Gary Dickerson
Applied Materials
Photo of Andrew Feldman
Andrew Feldman
Photo of Dr. Mark D. Hill
Dr. Mark D. Hill
Microsoft Azure & U. Wisconsin
Photo of Gregg Lowe
Gregg Lowe
Photo of Dr. Cliff Young
Dr. Cliff Young
Google Brain
Software Engineer
Photo of Peter Chapman
Peter Chapman
Photo of Durga Malladi
Durga Malladi
SVP & GM 5G Mobile Broadband & Infrastructure