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New Street Research
Built to Deliver Uncommon Insight

New Street Research is the premiere independent research boutique focused on the Telecommunications and Technology sectors globally.  We partner with the world’s leading investment institutions to bring them unique insights and ideas that will guide their investment decisions.

New Street Research was established in 2003 with a focus on the Communications Services Sector (Telecommunications, Cable, Satellite and Telecommunications Infrastructure companies).  In 2018, we are expanding our focus to include Technology Infrastructure (IT Hardware, Semiconductor, Semiconductor Capital Equipment and Communications Equipment companies).

We are broadening our coverage because we believe that bringing together talented thinkers with diverse perspectives on themes that cut across the technology, media and telecom landscapes will improve the quality of original insights we bring to our clients.

The New Street Research Advantage

The advantage we bring to our clients is built by talented thinkers, backed by unparalleled resources, pursuing insights that others have missed.

    • Talent: our team is cut from the best independent thinkers and analysts within the spheres of telecommunications and technology globally. We have reached beyond the investment community to find thought leaders from the fields of consulting, engineering, and policy to bring our clients real expertise.


    • Resources: our business model allows us to invest more in people and in data than the firms we compete against. Our team is broad, with diverse expertise. We partner with outside experts when needed, to ensure that our clients receive the very best advice. We build proprietary data sets when the information we need does not exist.


    • Focus: we concentrate our resources on a small number of issues where we feel we have differentiated insights and where the outcome of those insights matters to our clients. We believe our work is only truly valuable when it uncovers insights that others have missed. We pursue uncommon insights relentlessly.


  • Partnership: we believe the power of intellectual capital multiplies when bright minds from different but related fields collaborate to solve problems and generate insights. As partners, we anticipate the flow of technology trends and investment themes from the markets where they first emerge to other markets globally, and we anticipate how these themes and trends will ripple out from one sector to the next.

Our most important partners are our clients.