The Infrastructure That Drives The 5G Revolution

We stand at the precipice of a 5G revolution. A future filled with autonomous cars, drones, virtual and augmented reality, AI, smart cities, real-time gaming, M2M communication, and the list goes on. But the infrastructure that underpins our wireless networks today won’t suffice; material enhancements are required to form this reality.

At our 5G Conference on November 17th, we have assembled the key players throughout the communications infrastructure landscape to gather insights into the key architectural changes and sources of capacity that will shape the wireless networks of the future.

We have Ed Knapp from American Tower and Dan Schlanger from Crown Castle who will speak to the densification needs they see across towers and small cells, both in the US and globally, to truly deliver on 5G applications.

Chris Sharp from Digital Reality Trust will discuss the landscape for data centers as customers’ needs shift between hyperscale, colocation, interconnection, and edge deployments.

We will hone in on the opportunity for data centers at the edge with Matt Trifiro from VaporIO, who powers networking solutions at the edge, as well as with American Tower and Crown Castle, who stand to benefit from edge data centers deployed at their towers.

Marc Ganzi from Colony Capital, who has the most wholistic approach to communications infrastructure through ownership of towers, fiber, small cells, and data centers, will share his views on where he sees the greatest needs for infrastructure investment over the next several years.

Spectrum is another huge driver of capacity required for 5G applications, and on this front we will delve into two novel sources of spectrum. We have Iyad Tarazi from Federated Wireless who will speak to the innovations in spectrum sharing that have unleashed tremendous capacity over 3.5GHz spectrum, and we have Doug Smith from Ligado who will speak to the opportunity to multiply the capacity from C-Band spectrum by combining it with lower band spectrum.

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