AI Speaker Series: Evan Orenstein, ex-TikTok and Snap

Date and Time
October 13, 2023 — 11AM ET / 8AM PT

Evan Orenstein formerly led Ad Operations for North America at TikTok, and was also previously Group Product Marketing Manager, Ads Platform & Interfaces at SNAP. During our conversation, we will discuss the impact of “under the hood” AI technologies across digital advertising over the past several years (e.g., helping power search results, content and ad selection on social media, etc.), and the impact of new AI-driven media buying tools such as GOOGL’s Performance Max and META’s Advantage suite. We will spend the bulk of our time discussing the emergence of generative AI uses cases across search, social media/messaging, eCommerce and other consumer internet businesses, as well as the opportunity for cloud service providers to help support new use cases for their customers.

Evan Orenstein Bio:
Evan Orenstein is the Former Head of Ad Operations, North America at Tik-Tok, a position held until June 2022, where he was responsible for overseeing the ad operations and ad data solutions team, including the implementation of AI/ML technology in the ad space. Prior to this, Evan was the Group Product Marketing Manager, Ads Platform & Interfaces at SNAP, until February 2021. Currently, he is Head of Ad Operations at Spotter.