Client call w/ DLocal Co-CEO Pedro Arnt

Date and Time
April 9, 2024 — 3pm UK / 10am EST

We are hosting a call with dLocal co-CEO Pedro Arnt on April 9th. This comes on the back of our recent upgrade to the stock - see dLocal: Payments: EM vs DM - Upgrade dLocal to Buy (TP: $24)/ staying Neutral on Adyen

Tune in for a detailed run through on key points coming out of the FYs. Expected discussion points to include:
• Run through of (anticipated) FY 24 guidance
• Focus on Brazil as key geo contributor
• Platforms / marketplace and verticals focus
• Outlook for Asia (including Japan) and Africa
• Cost expectations (we’re expecting up a little)
• Argentina outlook / FX and expatriation
• Recent partnership announcements
• Competition: incumbents and other disruptors?