ALTICE FRANCE DEEP DIVE EXPERT SPEAKER CALL: Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke, former Executive Director at SFR, Head of B2C

Date and Time
February 6, 2024 — 11am EST / 4pm BST

WHAT: We will be hosting an expert call with Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke on Tuesday February 6th at 4pm UK time, 11am ET. Jean-Pascal is the former head of the B2C division at SFR. The call will be exclusively focused on SFR.

WHY: There is a lot of focus on the delevering process at SFR, and we have recently published on this topic, looking at the value of Sotheby's (HERE) and also the other assets (HERE). Equally though, there is a lot of focus on the financials, because SFR continues to underperform relatively both in terms of KPIs and financials (HERE). Jean-Pascal will be able to help us understand exactly why SFR is underperforming, and whether or not the steps SFR is taking to address its issues will work. Jean-Pascal has not worked at SFR since 2018, but has remained in contact with ex colleagues and has a deep understanding of the French B2C industry, and B2C Telco markets in general.

Speaker BioJean-Pascal Van Overbeke was Executive Director at SFR, until March 2018, and has over 20 years of experience in the telecoms space. At SFR, he was responsible for overseeing their B2C/Consumer Division. Following this role, he served as the Chief of the Consumer Market at KPN, was an Executive Board Member at KPN until May 2023, and continues to advise KPN as a Strategic Advisor. In addition to these roles, Jean-Pascal has experience at Orange, Virgin Mobile, and Maxis.May 2023 - Current Strategic Advisor at KPNDec 2019 - May 2023 Executive Board Member at KPNSep 2018 - May 2023 Chief Consumer Market at KPNApr 2016 - Mar 2018 Non Executive Director at IntelciaApr 2016 - Mar 2018 Executive Director at SFRPlease note: The topic of the call will be exclusively SFR; KPN will not be a topic and Jean-Pascal will not answer any questions on KPN if asked.