INNOVATORS & DISRUPTORS: Can Wireless Fiber Optics Change The Game For Data Transport?

Date and Time
May 24, 2022

10:00am ET-We are kicking off our Innovators & Disruptors series with a discussion with Rohit Jha (CEO) and Brad Ridge (Head of Business Development) from Transcelestial, a company delivering wireless fiber connectivity via lasers at the speed of light. Today, the technology delivers 10Gbps with ultra-low latency over distances of 3km with plans to release a 25Gbps service in 2022. The next step in the evolution of Transcelestial’s story will see them launch the world’s first true laser to laser space network capable of delivering 100s of gigabits of connectivity to anyone, anywhere on the planet.

Transcelestial’s platform has been deployed by major carriers and ISPs in Asia, with expansion to Europe and the US already underway. The company has attracted investment from prominent VC, carrier, and government backers (including the US government).