New Street Research Meetings at Semicon West 2022

Date and Time
July 12, 2022

Preliminary Meeting Agenda – Semicon West 2022 – New Street Research
Wednesday – 13 July
 AEHR Test Systems (10:00-10:45) – Gayn Erickson (CEO), Ken Spink (CFO). U.S. based provider of test systems for “burn-in” processes. Guided to grow 3x YoY in FY22 as the company benefits from strong exposure to the high growth Silicon Carbide market. Aehr is engaged with all leading suppliers of SiC. How sustainable is this growth profile as SiC ramps over the next 10 years, who are Aehr’s competitors, what is its technological advantage?
 AMAT (11:00-12:00) – Dr. Uday Mitra (VP Engineering), Dr. Kevin Moraes (VP Products and Marketing). Deep dive with two of AMAT’s executives in charge of the company’s initiatives in backside power distribution & heterogeneous integration/hybrid bonding. Learn about how, why, and when these upcoming material innovations will be adopted, how they will change semicap equipment spending, and which semicap equipment vendors stand to benefit most.
 ONTO Innovation (13:00-13:30) – Mike Plisinki (CEO), Mark Slicer (CFO). #1 player in wafer level packaging inspection systems. Can Process Control intensity increase in the WFE mix as innovations such as Gate All Around, hybrid bonding, 3D DRAM, and stacking in NAND increase complexity? How is ONTO positioned with its metrology portfolio, how do its new products in panel packaging, compound semis, and common films stack up vs. competitors?
 Tokyo Electron (16:00-16:50) – Koichi Yatsuda (Principal Investor Relations). Thoughts of one of the top 5 semicap equipment suppliers on the cycle: how sustainable is demand in trailing edge logic, what are the risks in other market segments? How deep can a pull-back in WFE be?
Thursday – 14 July
 Soitec (11:00-12:00) – Steve Babureck (VP Investor Relations). Leading supplier of Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology – how does SOI compare to conventional silicon; how will its penetration increase in coming years? Will Soitec shake up the Silicon Carbide wafer manufacturing industry with its SmartSiC technology?
 Advantest (12:15-12:45) – Ricky Kobayashi (Head of Investor Relations), Junko Oike (Section Manager Investor Relations). #1 global player in semiconductor test equipment (both memory and SoC).
 Alpha & Omega (details TBD). Pure play power semiconductor company with a 300mm fab in China. Can it compete with Infineon, ON Semi, and STM? How does it plan to bridge the gap in technology and manufacturing expertise? Can it break into the fast-growing Electric Vehicle and Clean Energy power semi markets?
 Everspin (details TBD). Leading developer of emerging memory class (MRAM). Understand how MRAM compares to conventional memory technologies, what is the route to market, how does it compare to other emerging memory classes? How does semicap intensity of MRAM and other upcoming memory technologies compare vs. NAND and DRAM?