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Chunghwa Telecom (Reduce, TP: NT$90, -18%): One-week promo creates long-term problems Alastair Jones
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Global Interactive Multiples and SOP Model David Lopes
Thai Wireless: No bidders for spectrum – upgrade AIS to Buy Chris Hoare
CMCSA / Fox / Sky: Outcomes Are Not As Uncertain As They Seem; Most Scenarios Are Good For Comcast Jonathan Chaplin
Global Telcos: T/TWX, CMCSA, Europe review, French M&A, Belgium, TEF, Singtel Team
Europe Q1 18 market review – The squeezed middle Russell Waller
Singtel: Riding the digital Wave, in choppy waters Iain M Johnston
Infineon CMD-recap: is no margin expansion the right call? Pierre Ferragu
NSR Policy: AT&T Wins – Let The Bidding Begin Blair Levin
Vodafone CTO meeting: Envisaging a smooth path to 5G James Ratzer
New Street Catalyst Calendar June 12th 2018
Global Telcos: T/TWX, VOD, Oi, Philippines Team
Tesla short sellers: we beg you to read this Pierre Ferragu
Infineon Deep Dive (Replay) Pierre Ferragu
NSR Policy: Will The AT&T Decision Be A Masterpiece? Also, Mixed DOJ Signals On T-Mobile/Sprint And C Band Battle Heats Up Blair Levin
Global Telcos: Infineon, TI, Oi, Inmarsat, Vodacom Team