Policy and Regulation

Policy & Regulation

Over the last decade, no sector gained more market capitalization and influence than Big Tech. Over the coming decade, no government policy initiative is likely to have a greater impact on capital markets than the current endeavors by governments around the world to reduce the power of those Big Tech companies.

Political leaders have embarked on dozens of initiatives currently playing out in legislatures, regulatory agencies, and the courts. Such efforts range in aspiration from small, immaterial adjustments to company practices to major restructurings of the companies; dramatically changing their prospects as well as the prospects of companies that supply, buy from, and compete with the tech giants.

Our research explores a variety of potential government actions, from new laws to litigation to new regulatory oversight that could directly affect the big tech companies, while also indirectly creating new risks, and opportunities, for others in the ecosystem, including ISPs and traditional ad-supported enterprises.

We lay out roadmaps for investors to follow as a guide for distinguishing between performative government grandstanding and what could have an economic and behavioral impact on big tech and others offering related products.

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