Technology Infrastructure

We plan to initiate coverage of Technology Infrastructure in 2018, providing our clients with a unique approach: A single team producing a single research product, covering themes and names across all technology infrastructure, horizontally from the datacenter to the edge and “things”; and vertically from semiconductor capital equipment to infrastructure equipment and devices. We believe this approach beats the traditional equity-research model, constrained by siloed coverage and lacking the transversal perspective required to understand what is happening today in technology infrastructure.

Three major trends will reshape technology infrastructure in the next couple of decades: The Cloud & Software-Defined Infrastructure will drive growth, accelerate hardware innovation, and change the way technology infrastructure is consumed. Artificial Intelligence will drive unprecedented demand for processing power, in the cloud as well as in “things”. This will fuel the next leg of growth in leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing and will contribute to a profound transformation of networks. Electrification, lastly, will go well beyond cars, reshape the way we produce and consume energy, and drive economic growth for decades.

We are working on bringing together a unique team, with the breadth of expertise required to offer our clients true intellectual leadership in the field, with a continuous flow of thematic research, in-depth company research, actionable investment ideas, and unique opportunities to meet industry participants and thought leaders.

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