Communications Services


Our Communications Services team covers telecom, cable, satellite and communications infrastructure companies across almost every market where there are publicly traded companies in our sector. While our coverage is broad, the hallmarks of our approach are depth of expertise and focus.

We don’t just cover companies or industries or markets; we focus our energy on the debates that will shape how companies and industries evolve. Our best work influences how market participants behave and where capital is allocated.

Our service includes:

  • Research: our team produces new research and analysis every day. We know that time is your most valuable resource; we respect it. We try to limit our research content to areas where we feel we are breaking new ground or reacting to new information that has a material impact on the theses that we are focused on.
  • Models: we maintain detailed company models for roughly 150 telecom, cable, satellite and communications infrastructure companies. In addition, we maintain comprehensive industry models, pricing models, and valuation models. Modelling the future of our industry is becoming increasingly complex as once-discrete sectors converge; we revel in complexity.
  • Access: we produce a rich schedule of meetings and events, built around the themes our research is focused on. Because participants in the industries we cover rely on our research, we have developed deep relationships that allow us to arrange interactions for our clients with individuals that are shaping the technologies, policies and strategies that will define the future of the industry. Much of the value of our corporate access program stems not from the meetings themselves, but from our presence in the meetings, asking questions that others don’t, and never settling for the answers that come easily.
  • Data: we cover a data rich industry; however, often the data we need to understand how the industry is evolving doesn’t exist or isn’t easily available. We build or acquire the data sets we need to yield the insight that shapes outcomes. Our data sets cover pricing, subscriber life time value, data consumption and network capacity on wireless networks, and much more. Our data sets are global, allowing us to compare markets and trace the evolution of trends from one market to another.

We do our most valuable work when we collaborate with our clients to solve problems and uncover insights. Our work is often bespoke; proprietary. We like to be an extension of our client’s research team and investment process.

We aren’t the “sell-side”. We are trusted advisors. Partners in thought.